Here’s our guide to submitting some style

Please tell us:

About you

~  Name |  Title (e.g. master lash stylist) | Business name

~  Optional: How long you’ve been lashing and what inspires you

How you created your masterpiece

~  Tell us what the challenges were, such as wide set eyes or hooded eyelids

~  Explain what lengths, curls, thickness and if volume, the fan size or XD

~  Explain your lash mapping

This will really engage your reader fan as they study your work and try to better themselves because of it.

Up to 210 words

Your pictures

~  Please ensure that they are clear, in focus and have been taken with good lighting

~  They should not appear over edited. In any case, the lashes should not be edited

~  All images need to be of high resolution (minimum of 300dpi)

~  If possible, submit 2-5 for us to choose from. We may use them all!

~  At least one should show your models face where readers can clearly see both eyes for symmetry

~  It would be helpful to readers to see a picture of your lash mapping

~  Please ensure that you have your models permission. This responsibility rests with you and not Lash~Ed. See terms and conditions

Your videos

~  You could introduce yourself and your model and film a short section of you hard at work and tell us how you work to complement your written piece

~  Videos should be no more than 3 mins long

Final note

~  Please be mindful of our editorial dates if you have created your masterpiece for a competition where there are strict guidelines about pre-disclosure. We are happy to wait!