Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask offers hair and beauty professionals’ FREE online learning to enable them to spot the signs that someone is experiencing domestic abuse and how they could respond in the best way.

Abuse may be psychological, physical, sexual, harassing, coercion or control. It’s not easy to spot as abuse is not just physical and injuries may be masked by clothing or makeup. With some insight, our unique relationships with clients or colleagues may reveal what’s hidden behind their mask.

Those experiencing it may not tell anyone for many reasons. As a regular client, you may notice when they’re not as chatty or appear withdrawn or anxious. If they are masking injuries, they may be more careful getting on or off the treatment chair or couch or may be overdressed given the weather. Some abusing behaviours may affect their appointments. They may not show or have to cancel due to injury or control and with experience, you tune into genuine sounding reasons for these events. You may notice that they simply ‘have to’ respond to text messages from their partner or they may comment that they’re in a hurry and need to get home and seem anxious about it.

1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime. On average, 2 are killed each week. They may be our clients, colleagues – even family and friends. A kind and sensitive word from a trusted professional who can to signpost to professional support – just might change or save a life.