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Meet our Expert Feature Writers

Lash-Ed magazine are grateful to a panel of regular feature writers. They are experts in their field and willing to share their expertise.

Find out more about them by clicking on their photos.


Frankie Widdows

CEO of Eyelash Excellence


Sylvia Liu

CEO of Lash Heaven


Jamie Butler

LashBase Chief Marketing Officer


Ria-Jaine Lincoln

Accountant & Lash Artist


Katie Godfrey

Founder of KG Salon / KG Professional


Zoe Mizon

Founder of ZMLA and High Lash Couture


Inese Stepanova

Founder of I.NOVA Studio


Hanna Putjato

CEO & Director of London Lash Pro


Kristina Shepherd

Founder of 27 two 6 Beauty & KSLA


Tania Withers

Founder of The Beauty Training Group


Dimitra Gkouzou

Lash Artist, Trainer, Judge & Speaker


Merlin Callaghan

Founder of Merlin Lash And Beauty Brand


Dominique Graupner

Founder of Lashes by Dominique


Karen Baguley

Founder of Arch Angels Beauty


Clare Creed

Professional Photographer


Zoe Thompson

Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coach

Have you thought about becoming one of our regular writers? If you have a lot of lash, business, welfare or safety related knowledge to share, you’re welcome to contact Julie at julie@lash-ed.com. We need a minimum of 3 articles a year that offer our readers’ great value for their reading time!

Meet the Lash-Ed team

Lash-Ed magazine is brought to you by Julie, Antony and Shannon-Bethan. Here’s a bit more about them.

Julie Knight

Founder and Editor Julie Knight wanted to develop a content rich magazine that’s truly educational, motivational and inspirational. She’s passionate about working with like minded people and businesses to strengthen the Lash industry. As the founder and CEO of Elite Eyelash Extensions and Eye by i, she has an exclusive and extensive background in lashing. She continually trains, networks, conferences and researches to keep pace with this fast changing and innovative industry. She’s proud to be a working Lash Stylist. Having performed over 14,500 treatments, she’s still in love! As an independent trainer, she has trained, coached and mentored hundreds of students since 2012 in her private academy. Read more about Julie here

Julie Knight

Editor of Lash-Ed magazine and total Lash Addict

Antony Knight

Antony is the magazine’s Technical Director has been in IT for over 30 years and has worked for some of the biggest IT companies. He’s now running his own called Ant and Tech. He specialises in website design and upkeep at affordable prices given his passion for helping small and medium businesses to thrive.

Antony said, ‘I’m delighted to be a part of Lash-Ed magazine and I hope that my articles about online safety and cyber hygiene for businesses help to keep your business safe in cyber space. I’m running a new ‘Ask the Tech’ feature so feel free to ask away for the next edition. You can reach me at Ant@AntAndTech.Com. It’ll be great to hear from you!’

Antony Knight

Technical Director

Lash-Ed magazine

Shannon-Bethan, Artistic And Creative Director

Shannon’s creativity guides the look and feel of Lash-Ed magazine. Having recently graduated with honours on completing her Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science degree, she is now studying freelance journalism in her spare time. Given her passion for our environment, she’s also our eco-friendly advisor too.

Shannon said, ‘It’s a real privilege to be a part of Lash-Ed magazine! It’s been hard work but so rewarding and I’ve loved seeing it grow from strength to strength. That’s only been possible because of the willingness of all the amazing people who have not only contributed their knowledge, but their time to do that too. When I see amazing feedback like what we’ve included below, it really melts my heart!


Artistic And Creative Director

Lash-Ed magazine


‘Lash-Ed Magazine in our opinion is one of the most thorough, educational and jam-packed lash magazine on the market’.

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Note from Lash-Ed: Thank you Jamie Butler from LashBase. This means so much coming from a Chief Marketing officer from such a renowned brand!

By far one of the best pro magazines on the market. After reading a lot of different magazines for pros I can honestly say this is the best by far and well worth the spend. It is full of interesting stories and information. With loads of tips and inspirational articles from different people in the industry. My favourite thing is unlike a lot of other professional magazines it isn’t crammed with useless adverts. Can’t wait to buy the next copy!’

Amazon Review from klianne88 | 25 June 2018 | Awarded 5.0 out of 5 stars | Verified Purchase

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Note from Lash-Ed: Hi klianne88. Wow, thank you for taking the time and effort to post a really helpful review on Amazon. We’re all about great content that’s worth the page coverage rather than money making from filling it with a lot of Advertisements. We’re delighted to read your feedback and hope you love the next edition just as much!

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