Here’s our guide to submitting a piece to be showcased

Please tell us:

About you

~  Name |  Title (e.g. master lash stylist) | Business name

~  Optional: How long you’ve been lashing and what inspires you

How you created your masterpiece

~  How you created your masterpiece, e.g. style created and why, lengths, thicknesses, curls, volume (3D etc)

~  Describe other techniques you used be it stacking, capping, mixing lengths/thickness/curls (or all three!), layering and explain in a line about how

Up to 210 words

Your pictures

~  Please ensure that they are clear, in focus and have been taken with good lighting

~  They should not appear over edited. In any case, the lashes should not be edited

~  All images need to be of high resolution (minimum of 300dpi)

~  If possible, submit 2-5 for us to choose from. We may use them all!

~  Please ensure that you have your models permission. That responsibility rests with you and not Lash~Ed. See terms and conditions

Your videos

~  Next time you create a fantasy masterpiece, you could film parts of it as you work and tell us your story! If your commentary isn’t clear as you worked, your great voiceover will complement your work of art a treat!

~  Please start by telling us who you are and where you’re from. Show your creativity as you progress your work and then end with your finale – saving and showing the best footage of your amazing creation

~  For non-fantasy work, you could introduce yourself and your model and film a short section of you hard at work and tell us how you work to complement your written piece

~  Videos should be no more than 3 mins long

Final note

~  Please be mindful of our editorial dates if you have created your masterpiece for a competition where there are strict guidelines about pre-disclosure. We are happy to wait!