Here’s more information on how much to write, what pictures and videos to send and how to submit them.

How much to write?

~  A one page spread ~ around 400-550 words

~  A two page spread ~ around 600-850 words

Check out our guide on how to create a great article that will help to get your article published as you have written it. Articles need to offer value to your reader and they need to flow.  Try to stay within the word count and check that spelling and grammar is accurate. If you’re using Microsoft Word, use the Spelling & Grammar and Word Count tools. You’ll find these under the Review task bar.

We may make minor edits to ensure easy reading as English may not be your reader’s first language.

Photos and videos

We have allowed for images in the word count restrictions so it brings your article to life. Here’s some guidance that will help you.

~  Please submit a photo of yourself. Your readers want to see and they can get to know, like and trust you for authenticity

~  Any images that complement your piece

~  If you have illustrations of a technique or an infographic, please ensure that they are clear and professionally presented

All images and illustrations need to be of high resolution (minimum of 300dpi).

We reserve the right to use our own images or additional ones as space fillers for quality control purposes.

How to submit your article, pictures and videos

All submissions need to be sent to

~  Please send your article as text in an email or in a Word document attached to an email.

~  Please send you photos and video in one email. If the files are too big, please use this simple to use transfer website

Where we are privileged to use your material, we will reward you with your ‘as featured’ badge a week before it’s published.