For the front and back cover, please cover these things:

1.    Your pictures

~  Please ensure that they are clear, in focus and have been taken with good lighting

~  They should not appear over edited. In any case, the lashes should not be edited

~  All images need to be of high resolution (minimum of 300dpi)

~  If possible, submit at least 2 for us to choose from but no more than 5. Tell us your preferred one.

~  Please ensure that you have your models permission. That responsibility rests with you and not Lash~Ed. See terms and conditions.

2.    About you and your work – Up to 70 words

~  Your name

~  Your title (e.g. master lash stylist)

~  Your business name

~  Optional: how long you have been lashing and what inspired you to start.

How you created your masterpiece ~ up to 150 words

~  How you created your masterpiece, e.g. style created and why, lengths, thicknesses, curls, volume (3D etc). Describe other techniques you used be it stacking, capping, mixing lengths/thickness/curls (or all three!), layering and explain in a line about how.