Karen Baguley

I started my lash journey in September 2015 following a complete career change. I come from an administration background mainly in the financial sector but after being made redundant for the third time I decided enough was enough. I thought back through all the years I worked my guts out to only be under appreciated yet again at the end. I decided the only person who would really appreciate my skills and expertise was me.

So I took my very first brow course in August 2015 quickly followed by my classic lash training in the September. The following January 2016 I successfully completed my Russian volume training and can honestly say it’s the best thing I ever did.

I can’t say it’s all been plain sailing as starting up a new business from scratch in an industry I knew nothing about was hard. There were days when I didn’t have any clients and yet the bills were still going out. You have to have faith in your abilities and keep smiling. I soon started to get regular clients and found the reason they were coming back to me was for me. My personality, plus my skills and ability of course. I actually really enjoy chatting to my clients and my beauty bed is more like a counsellor’s couch, something I think all beauty professionals can relate to. I have helped my clients though a number of personal problems from break ups, to weddings and even cancer.

I think being a great therapist isn’t just about your skills it’s about being a good listener, never judging but always being supportive. I still have some clients who can’t have treatments now for various reasons but who still pop in for a brew and a chat as they miss our little sessions.

I myself suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). My condition has never stopped me working but has made things challenging at times. I even had to schedule myself a week off work so I could be admitted into hospital for 5 days to receive treatment. Thankfully I’m through the worst of it now and things have settled down for me although I know my next flare up could be just around the corner. I chat to my clients about my condition as I’m a very open and honest person. Some people shy away from talking about embarrassing subjects but I think if no one ever talks about them, then how we will ever learn. It’s though these conversations that I’ve encouraged a couple of clients to seek medical advice themselves. Both clients have received life changing information one of them also has been diagnosed with an IBD whilst the other sadly has been advised she has bowel cancer and is now undertaking chemotherapy. I would like to think that through our conversations and advising them to not take no for an answer they will both live a little longer without the constant suffering they were previously experiencing.

So what next for me? Well At the start of my journey I set myself a 5 year plan something which I’m still working towards. I haven’t yet entered any competitions although this is in my plan, as for now I feel my focus needs to be building my brand and business.

I currently rent a room in a local sunbed shop (well we all have to start somewhere) but would love to have my own place one day.