How to submit your article, pictures and videos

Due to the volume of messages we receive at Lash-Ed, please submit everything in one email to

Please send your article as text that’s laid out in your email or in a Word document. Please do not use any other formats.

Please include the name we should use, your title if desired, the name of your business name and a website address and / or social media link (please include the full link and not just @lashedmagazine. This helps us to link it quickly and accurately in the digital version). As an example, mine would be: Julie Knight, Lash Stylist and Trainer, Elite Eyelash Extensions.

If your images or video are too big to email, please use We Transfer as it’s quick and simple to move large documents from one email to another and it’s easy to download and it’s free of charge. See their website

What happens next?

The Lash-Ed team will email you to acknowledge receipt and will review what you have sent.

If we intend to use your material, we’ll let you know of the proposed publication period. We would really like our readers to be the first to see your article and ask for it to be embargoed until the magazine is published.

If we feel that your contribution needs a little more work, Julie will advise on how you could develop it to make it ready to be published.

We know that you will be eager to receive your promotional materials. This would include a screenshot of your feature, we may create a social media graphic (depending on the feature) and we will include the ‘as featured in Lash-Ed magazine e-badge.

We usually have at least 70 contributors and we try to supply materials by email as soon as they are ready. Please bear with us around the publication date as it tends to be a little busier than usual!

On receipt of your submission, it is deemed that you have agreed for it to be published. If you change your mind about having been published once the magazine is published, Lash-Ed will not amend it. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. Notably, points 9, 12 and 13.