Here Comes The Bride, All Bleary Eyed!

I’ve been a blushing bride (twice) with my second (and last!) wedding truly living the dream! Idyllic castle, the most stunning yet expensive dress I’ll ever buy and wear only once, having hair and make up done and spending the only sunny day in August with all my family and friends (all thinking I’d made a better choice second time round, I hope!)

Oh yes, the journey to that point was months of meticulous planning and preparation. If I knew about lash extensions, they’d have been high on my ‘must have’ list. My big day was just before I launched my lash career, albeit quite by accident as described in issue 10!

I’ve recently heard a few lash artists getting worried about ‘brides’ having had a reaction to treatment with their wedding only a day or so away. Red eyes = panic!

With my last wedding costing thousands of pounds, I really wanted to look my best. I would have been mortified if I was wearing the signs of a reaction to a beauty treatment. Having said that, I almost did. Wow, big big lesson learned! I’d booked to have my waxing done 2 days before my wedding.  I’d had it done for years with no issues so what could possibly go wrong? Well, the treatment before my wedding went wrong. Thankfully it was that one . . . The wax was too hot and I suffered burns under my brows. My eyes swelled and the scabs took over a week to heal before fading. I soon changed the timing of my appointment and gave the therapist some feedback! An apology just doesn’t go far enough when it comes to something as big as their wedding day.

Like many of you, I’ve rejoiced in lashing many blushing brides and one or two unblushing bridezillas. I always insist on seeing a bride at least a month before her wedding for her consultation, patch test and treatment. I then re-treat no sooner than 5 days before her wedding. This also applies to my regulars too.

We all know that clients can have many treatments with no issues but who can say that the very one that has to be super perfect will be just that?  Look at my close shave!

Treating well in advance helps a lash wearing newbie to get used to them and learn how to care for them. That’s great practice if she is heading straight off on her honeymoon and wants them to last as long as possible. Also, she may decide that she wants them a little longer, shorter, curlier, thicker, fluffier so you can adjust your treatment plan in time for her wedding day lashes.

Leaving a clear gap of 5 days is not only wise should they sadly suffer a reaction, but it’s a busy time. Even the most planned and prepared bride will have other pressing things on her ‘must do now’ list in the lead up. On the other hand, I had a bridal party that included the bride, her maids and mum – contact me to say that all 7 of them wanted lashes that evening as the wedding was the following day. They offered to pay over the odds too. You can guess my reply: ‘As much as I would love to treat everyone to amazing lashes for an amazing occasion, sadly it’s just not possible because’ . . . That ‘because’ was so deeply explained as I didn’t want them hunting for another tech who would be prepared to do it. The potential for harm to their wedding as well as our industry doesn’t sit well with me. No one wants to wear a reaction down the aisle, just style!

Best wishes,

Julie Knight

Master Lash Artist and Trainer

Elite Eyelash Extensions Academy

As featured in Lash Inc. Issue 11 2016