Dominique Graupner

I was a team leader in the electronic industry with 24 employees and my job was amazing. I also helped to grow up a subsidiary company in Hungary as well as other things. I changed the job after nine years for various reasons and then sold cars for Mercedes in Munich and that was also very successful.

I started with Lashes (Basic) in April 2016 and I learned volume in August that year and had a few more trainings for it. When I started out, I just wanted 3 to 4 clients per month. I accidentally succeeded and cancelled the great Mercedes job and I became self-employed in December 2016.

In November 2017, I competed in a big lash competition. I had one year experience with volume lashes and was categorised as an ‘expert’ – being that hardest category with 5 years’ experience or more because I was giving basic training for my students. I came third German master for volume lashes and won the second place for volume lashes in a worldwide online competition. Very many people asked for training and I have already taught 55 students and I love it very much.
My heart beats for teaching. I built my own school system with the aim that my students become very good Lash Stylists.

From the start of my lash career until the end of November 2018, I have undertaken a basic training course and 8 volume courses. In my opinion, it is really important to always be up to date as a trainer.

I have had many big projects grow in 2018. I become Judge in the Glasgow Lash Battle in 2018 and I am judging another in Birmingham in 2019.
In November 2018, I spoke about ‘Durability of Eyelash Extensions’ for ‘Beautyintervision 2’ in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I supply Lash products that I test for a year. The best products receive my name and it is a really good quality from different distributors. The main products are made in Germany.

So what I would like to say all guys who start the lash career is that everything is really possible if you work hard and focus what you love and want.